Component information

Multi-Source Effusion Cell   MB-3000M


In case the number of mounting ports for effusion cell is limited and also more materials are required to deposit, 2 or 3 kinds of materials are able to be evaporated by using this effusion cell.

Dual or triplet types can be selected according to customer’s application. And the capacity of crucible also can be selected.

There is little thermal influence between heating zones, because there is a fin used for a cooling wall attachment. 

Product specifications

1. Maximum heating temp. 1300℃
2. Selection of crucible
Dual type:2cc, 5cc
Triple type:2cc, 5cc, 10cc, 25cc
3. Heater shape Non inductive coil type
4. Thermo couple WRe (5-26)
Mounting flange Dual type:CF 114mm OD
Triple type:CF 152mm OD
5. Selection of shatter operation Non-shutter / manual operation / pneumatic
6. Fin for cooling wall attachment