Component information

Crystal cell   MB-3000C


This cell accommodates heater and thermocouple away from inside of the chamber, in order to completely prevent contamination of the heater and thermocouple coming from evaporating materials.

It is possible to raise vacuum pressure inside of the chamber, and to fill inside of the chamber with specific gas regardless of the heater and thermocouple.

Product specifications

1. Maximum heating temp 500℃
2. Heater material Sheath heater
3. Selection of crucible 10cc / 25cc / 40cc
4. Glass material Quartz glass
5. Thermo-couple K (CA)
6. Mounting flange CF 114mm OD
7. Selection of shutter operation: Manual / Pneumatic operation

— Stable flux can be obtainable even if used at low temperature for a long time. —