Component information

Valved Cell   MB-3000V


In the MBE system, by placing a isolation valve between a growth chamber and a K cell, strict vacuum isolation is achieved in between. It can prevent thermal influence from temperature of baking in the growth chamber toward the K cell. And customers are able to use high vapor pressure materials such Se, S, P and As as solid evaporating sources.

Product specifications

1. Heating temperature Maximum heating temp 500℃
2. Capacity 60cc up to 2000cc
3. Heater Sheath heater and cartridge heater
4. Maximum baking temperature 200℃
5. Mounting flange CF 114mm
6. Shutter Selectable from manually operated or pneumatically
7. Option Cracking function can mounted on the top of the K cell
Two kinds of the heat cracking or the RF cracking are prepared.