Component information

EB Gun   MB-5033S


Summary Crossover image and magnetic field distribution are combined effectively, and electron beam optics that convergent electron beam is focused at the center of crucible can be performed. Therefore high efficiency of metal melting can achieved at relatively low beam power.

Electron beam divergence from the cathode is suppressed by Wehnelt electrode. Scattered electron is extremely reduced. As a result, temperature rising at undesired position is extremely suppressed.

Even if vacuum pressure fluctuates slightly, clearance between electrodes designed enough to prevent electric discharge.

Product specifications

1. Accelerating voltage 6kV
2. Emission current 0 to 500mA
3. Filament current 0 to 15A
4. Crucible 2.2cc x 3 pieces
5. Beam deflection angle 180°
6. Mounting flange CF 152mm OD