Component information

Manipulator   MB-4100K


Since the shaft size is different to customer’s own vacuum chamber configuration, it can be designed specified according to customer’s requirements.

In addition, the manipulator can also accommodate functions such as substrate heating and cooling etc. on demand.

Product specifications

1. Substrate size 1 inch in diameter
2. Substrate temp up to 1000℃ by Ta spiral type heater for substrate surface up to 800℃ by lamp type heater for substrate surface
3. Movements
  ±5mm for X axis
  ±5mm for Y axis
  ±10mm for Z axis
 ±3° for tilt (top-entry) / ±105° for tilt (side-entry)
  360° for rotation (motor-driven operation)
4. Mounting flange CF 152mm OD top-entry / side-entry
5. Selection of shutter manual or pneumatic operation