Component information

High Temperature Effusion Cell   MB-3500W


1.A high temperature effusion cell with a maximum heating temperature of 1800oC.
2.More accurate temperature control can be performed than deposition of high when high melting point material is deposited by EB source.
3.A unique self-supporting W (tungsten) heater and a reflector with a low energy consumption structure are adopted, so that outgassing is minimized due to low power consumption.
4.This high temperature effusion cell can be mounted on 114 mm O.D. CF and is available on any MBE system

Product specifications

1.Capacity of crucible: 5 cc or 10 cc selectable
2.Heating temperature: 500oC up to 1800oC
3.Thermocouple: WRe (5-26)
4.Shutter: Pneumatic operation
5.Mounting flange: 114 mm O.D. CF