Component information

Manipulator   MB-4300K


The dimensions of the manipulator shaft differ depending on the size of the chamber, and the MB-4300K is manufactured with specified dimensions.

Manipulators with various functions such as heating, cooling, etc. can be manufactured upon customer’s request.

Product specifications

1. Substrate size: 3 inch dia.
2. Substrate temperature: Up to 1000oC (on substrate surface), using Ta heater
Up to 800oC (on substrate surface), using lamp heater
3. Movable range: X-axis: ±5mm, Y-axis: ±5mm, Z-axis: ±10mm
4. Tilt: 3o (top-entry type)
±105o (side-entry type)
5. In-plane rotation: 360o by motor drive
6. Mounting flange:253 mm O.D. CF for top-entry type and side-entry type
7. Shutter:Manual or pneumatic operation, selectable