Component information

Ion Beam Source   EIG-300


  1. This ion beam source is best suited for substrate cleaning.
  2. Since the EIS-300 is an electron impact ion source, a large ion current density can be obtained.
  3. By using an Einzel lens, the beam diameter can be varied and a high current value can be obtained.
  4. Since the ionization chamber is made of high melting point, there is no contamination of impurities.
  5. A stabilized power supply is used for the high voltage power supply, so there is no fluctuation of the ion beam.
  6. The mounting flange is 70mm CF dia. which is an ultra-high vacuum type capable of baking.

Product specifications

1.Acceleration voltage (HV):0 to 3kVA
2.Ionization current:80μA (W, D60mm)
3.Beam diameter:up to 20mm
4.Filament current :0 to 20V/5A
5.Mounting flange:70mm CF dia.