Product information

Water-Cooling MBE   EW-3


This MBE has been realized smaller than our former water-cooling MBE.

This model can accommodate a RHEED (optional) and EW-3 is equipped with every basic performance as a MBE system.

In combination with abundant components, the system can perform a various kind of thin film processes.

Product specifications

1. Ultimate pressure 10-7Pa
2. Substrate size 1 inch in diameter
3. Heating temperature 800ºC (Max)
4. Heater type Lamp type heater
5. Thermo-couple WRe (5-26)
6. Vacuum pumps TMP 345l/sec and RP 162L/min Load lock chamber
7. Ultimate pressure 10-4Pa
8. Vacuum pumps TMP602L/sec and RP90L/min Options
9. Mini RHEED, Radical Beam Source, K cell, 3KWEB gun, Sputter Source