Product information

Water-Cooling MBE   EW-10



Water is used as coolant instead of Liquid Nitrogen.

Substrate can be heated by lamp heater, guaranteeing up to 800ºC. The heater also has fabrication to be used in gas atmosphere.

Since substrate holder rotates, high quality and uniform crystal film can be grown by using even any evaporating sources.

By configuration of source flanges, customers select various evaporating sources in compliance with their applications.

Product specifications

1. Ultimate pressure 10-8Pa
2. Substrate size 2 inch in diameter
3. Heating temperature 1000ºC (Max)
4. Heater type Ta spiral type heater
5. Vacuum pumps TMP 1400l/sec and RP 345L/min Load lock chamber
6. Ultimate pressure 10-5Pa
7. Vacuum pumps TMP210L/secand RP162L/min Options
8. Mini RHEED, Radical Beam Source, K cell, 3KWEB gun, Sputter Source