Product information

Water-Cooling MBE   EW-100


Without using Liquid Nitrogen, this MBE is developed on the basis of new concept of employing automatic baking function and other control by PC.

Lamp heater is set up inside the chamber, and this inner heating method makes effective baking to the chamber. If switched automatic baking system on after work in the evening, the next morning ultra-high vacuum pressure can be recovered again, and then the researcher can get started on his research immediately

Product specifications

1. Ultimate pressure 10-8Pa
2. Substrate size 2 inch in diameter
3. Heating temperature 1000ºC
4. Heater type Ta spiral type heater or lamp type heater
5. Vacuum pumps TMP 1400l/sec and RP 345L/min Load lock chamber
6. Ultimate pressure 10-5Pa
7. Vacuum pumps TMP210L/sec and RP162L/min Options
8. RHEED, Radical Beam Source, K cell, EB gun, Sputter Source