Product information

Liquid nitrogen-Cooling MBE   EV-50


EV-50 is a MBE system which is developed for blue LED and LD research irrespective of ZnSe and GaN. And it contributes low cost performance and high efficiency to your work. An optical fiber scope is furnished under the substrate, and cathode luminescence spectrum can be observed in-situ and at room temperature.

Product specifications

1. Ultimate pressure 10-8Pa
2. Substrate size 2 inch in diameter
3. Heating temperature 1000ºC
4. Heater type Ta spiral type heater
5. Vacuum pumps TMP 210L/sec and RP 162L/min Load lock chamber
6. Ultimate pressure 10-4Pa
7.Vacuum pumps TMP60L/sec and RP90L/min Options
8. RHEED, Radical Beam Source, K cell, EB gun, Sputter Source