Product information

EB Evaporator   EB-5


Since this system employs a special deposition source with a Pierce-type electron beam gun, of which electron beam is linearly focused on evaporating materials and it melts, evaporates them effectively, it can be used for most of materials such as high melting materials, and oxidized materials with small amount of electricity.

Product specifications

1. Ultimate pressure 10-7Pa
2. Substrate size 1 inch in diameter
3. Heating temperature 1000ºC
4. Heater type Ta spiral type heater
5. Vacuum pumps TMP 345L/sec and RP162L/min
Focused Electron Source
6. Impressing voltage Up to 15kV, 0.1A
7. Filament Hair-pin type with focusing and sweeping functions Load lock chamber
8. Ultimate pressure 10-4Pa
9. Vacuum pumps TMP60L/sec and RP90L/min
10. RHEED, Radical Beam Source, K cell, EB gun, Sputter Source