Product information

EB Evaporator   EB-680


This system consists of an evaporation chamber and a load lock chamber.

Automatic exchange of octuplet electron beam evaporation sources, thickness of multi evaporation materials, evaporation rate and order can be program-controlled by external control system.

Product specifications

1. Ultimate vacuum pressure 3 x 10-6Pa maximum
2. Inside dimensions of chamber 700W x 700Dx600Lmm
3. Manipulator
Substrate size: 100 x 100mm
Maximum heating temp. : 300ºC
Cooling minimum temp. : 130K
4. Evaporation source 6kW octuplet Electron Beam Gun
Crucible capacity: 10cc x 8 pieces
5. Thickness monitor
6. Evacuation Turbo Molecular Pump Load lock chamber
7. Ultimate vacuum pressure 3 x 10-6Pa maximum