Product information

EB Evaporator    EB-350


This system consists of an evaporation chamber and a load lock chamber.

Various kinds of materials can be evaporated continuously using by an equipped 3kW quintuplet electron beam gun.

This electron beam gun applies to UHV. Evaporation is available under the ultra-high vacuum environment. 

Product specifications

1. Ultimate vacuum pressure 1 x 10-7Pa maximum
2. Dimensions of chamber About 406mm O.D. x 600mm H.
3. Manipulator
Substrate size: 5 inch in diameter
Maximum heating temp. : 300ºC
Cooling function equipped
4. Evaporation
Source 3kW quintuplet electron beam gun M Crucible capacity:2cc ×5 pieces
5. Thickness monitor
6. Evacuation Turbo Molecular Pump Load lock chamber
7. Ultimate vacuum pressure 6.5 x 10-6Pa maximum