Product information

Vacuum Evaporator   SE-5A


This vacuum apparatus evaporate Au, Al, etc with ease of operation. Basket type evaporation sources are provided. Level of substrate can adjusted as required, since the substrate is attached on a plate supported by rods. The substrate can be heated up to 500ºC, and its temperature is controlled by a temperature regulator. To evacuate the system, a turbo molecular pump and a rotary pump are used. High vacuum can be achieved in a short time. 

Product specifications

1. Ultimate temperature 1.33 x 10-4Pa
2. Size of chamber 220 diameter x 200 (h) mm
3. Chamber material Pyrex
4. Substrate holder
Temperature:300 to 500ºC
Measuring element:T/C (K-type)
Sample size:10 to 50mm
5. Evaporation source Resistant heating (basket type)
6. Output Shutter and source level adjuster attached
7. Vacuum gauge 12V 50A Full range gauge
8. Pumps Turbo Molecular Pump 60L/sec Rotary Pump 50L/min (with OMT)
9. Target size 3″ in diameter