Product information

Vacuum Evaporator   SE-5D


This is the tabletop apparatus designed for evaporating Al with simple operation. Basket type evaporating sources are provided. Level of substrate can adjusted as required, since the substrate is attached on a plate supported by rods. To evacuate the system, a turbo molecular pump and a rotary pump are used. High vacuum can be achieved in a short time.

Product specifications


■ 上部電極(ターゲット) :φ50mm (円形)
■ 下部電極 :φ52mm
■ 試料台冷却 水冷式
■ ターゲット・試料台間隔 20mm、35mm
■ イオン化電圧 : D.C. 0~1400V
■ イオン化電流 : 10mA(Max)電流計付
■ コーティング用電極(オプション) Au / Pt-Pd / Ag
■ 真空ポンプ R.P20L/min (外置き)