Product information

HQ PXP Coating   EPC-100


This is the deposition system for high-quality Polyparaxylene (Parylene) deposition by CVD method. The system is best suited for a various kinds of insulating member (gate insulating layers etc.) inside electronics device, and encapsulation.

A large number of substrate can be treated by Batch processing and large-sized substrates also can be processed at customers’ request.

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Product specifications

1. Ultimate vacuum pressure 10-5 Pa range
2. Chamber size 253mmφ × 350mm H
3. Polymer evaporation source Quartz tube made, approx. 50mmφ × 1000mm H
4. Vaporizer Vaporizing to 180°C
5. Pyrolytic furnace Thermal decomposition 650 to 750°C
6. Water circulating unit Water temp.
Setting range: -20°C to 30°C Cold trap 4 inch