Product information

Organic   EO-6


Since a sample stage is revolved, consistent evaporations at an organic station and metal station can be performed under a vacuum environment.

This chamber accommodates a front door so that materials exchange and maintenance are ease of operation.

Organic evaporation sources and metal evaporation sources are completely partitioned by a plate, and there is no interference toward the evaporation sources.

Sufficient clearance is ensured to eliminate radiant heat from evaporating sources.

Evaporating sources are available from cell-type source, resistance heating boat, various types of source etc.

2 kinds of sources can be evaporated simultaneously on each station.

Since this system has high extensibility, evaluation chamber, load lock chamber, glove box can be extended.

Product specifications

1. Ultimate pressure 10-5Pa range
2. Substrate size 30mm x 30mm
3. Substrate heating mechanism Up to 300ºC, by lamp heater
4. Evaporation sources
For organic material Selectable from mini-cell, boat cell, micro-cell, and basket.
For metallic material Selectable from lateral-type cell, vertical-type cell, EB gun, and sputter source.
5. Probe mechanism (optional) Fixed measuring position type.
Adjustable measuring position type.