Product information

Organic   EO-7


This innovative system is designed on the concept that an evaporation chamber and a substrate transfer function are integrated into a single system.

Integration of evaporation chamber and a substrate transfer function can realize the following things.

1 .High efficiency of multi-source evaporation.

2. Half footprint is required by comparison of conventional system: 1400(W) x1300(D), including load-lock chamber.

3. Number of vacuum pumps is minimized, and it contributes to large cost reduction.

The evaporation chamber can be dismounted and mounted on any flanges. Various system configurations can be built easily.

Maintenance such as sample exchange etc. is easy to perform.

Operation is carried out at hand on a LCD screen. 

Product specifications

1. Ultimate vacuum pressure in evaporation chamber 10-5Pa range
2. Substrate size 100x100mm
3. Accuracy of mask alignment ±0.1mm
4. Evaporation source (optional)
Organic cell (10cc)
Metal cell (10cc)
EB -GUN (2cc)