Product information

Organic   EO-10


This system is designed to perform consecutive processes such as organic material deposition, shadow mask pattering, and metal deposition under the vacuum environment.

A brightness evaluation chamber, option, allows you to check brightness in operation of deposition without breaking vacuum.

In addition, a sputter chamber, also option, which can be connected to the basic system incorporate sputter-deposited thin film into the consecutive processes.

Organic cell is fabricated for use with sublimating and melting materials, and can achieve long-term and stable deposition.

Product specifications

1. Substrate size 100x100mm max
2. Ultimate vacuum pressure 10-6Pa
3. Cell
Organic cell/6 pieces
Metal cell/2 pieces
4. Mask Positioning by pin
5. Options
Sputter chamber. Brightness evaluation chamber. Vacuum suitcase. Glove box
Electron beam gun for high-melting point material