Product information

Organic   EGN-100



EGN-100 is the system integrated with a full-fledged system involved in a glove box.

Since to take out substrates from the chamber and to fill evaporation materials into evaporation sources can be performed without exposing to Oxygen or water, this system is suitable to experiment of organic materials.

Measuring instruments and spin coaters except for an evaporation chamber can be installed in the glove box. Film-deposition, encapsulation, and evaluation can be carried out consistently under constant environment.

Product specifications

Specifications for deposition chamber
1. Ultimate vacuum pressure: 10-5Pa level for lower chamber
2. Size of chambers: 305mm outer diameter for upper and lower chambers
3. Size of substrate holder: 2” in diameter
4. Temperature of heating and cooling substrate:-20oC to +200oC
5. Evaporation source: 2 sets of effusion cell (crucible capacity 1cc)
Resistive heating evaporation sources etc.
[Glove box] Circulating refining tool attached