Product information

Sputtering   ES-360


A target can be automatically put on and taken off for a cathode, which is located right under the substrate. It can grow multi-layer thin films onto the substrate by using 6 targets at maximum.

Product specifications

1. Ultimate pressure 1.5 x 10-6Pa
2. Chamber size 600mm (diameter) x 400mm (height)
3. Substrate size 2 inch in diameter
4. Substrate heating temp. 600ºC (maximum) by lamp type heater
5. Sputter source 3 inch in diameter
6. Vacuum pumps TMP 60L/sec and RP 90L/min
Load lock chamber
7. Ultimate pressure 7.0×10-5Pa
8. Vacuum pumps TMP 500L/sec and RP90L/min
9. Thickness monitor / Gas introduction system / Substrate cleaning function