Product information

Sputtering   ES-460R


This system is designed for sputtering 100mm square-shaped substrate.

Since the system is equipped with a number of sputtering sources, it is possible to sputter a substrate above each sputtering source.

A lifter for opening and closing the upper chamber flange is equipped. 

Product specifications

1. Ultimate vacuum pressure: 1×10-6Pa maximum
2. Substrate dimensions: 100mm x 100mm
3. Substrate temp: 300ºC maximum
4. Sputter source Target dimensions: 6 inch in diameter
5. Evacuation Turbo Molecular Pump
Process Chamber
6. Ultimate vacuum pressure: 1×10-5Pa maximum
7. Substrate dimensions: 100mm x 100mm
8. Substrate temp Room temp to 300ºC
9. Ion source for protection film
10. Evacuation Turbo Molecular Pump