Product information

Electron Microscopy   IB-2/IB-3


This apparatus is used for TEM/SEM specimen preparation with ease of operation. By generating a glow discharge in a vacuum chamber as low as 1.33Pa and ionizing the residual gas, the ion coater can sputter metals on a specimen, clean, and etch a specimen with the energy of the ionized gas.

Product specifications

1. Specifications Upper electrode (target) 50mm in diameter (round shape)
2. Lower electrode 52mm in diameter
3. Cooling of specimen stage Water cooling
4. Clearance between target and specimen stage 20mm, 35mm 2 steps
5. Ionization voltage 0 to 1400V/DC
6. Ionization current 10mA (max) with ammeter
7. Electrode for coating (optional) Au / Pt-Pd / Ag
8. Vacuum pump RP20L/min (separate setting)