Product information

Electron Microscopy   IB-5


This model is an upgraded version capable of coating fine sputters such as Pt and Pt-Pd particle for the high resolution SEM observation. And also it can perform efficiency ion etching of metals, ceramics, biological hard tissues, etc. Both the upper and lower electrodes are of doughnut shape and fixed so as to retain stable discharge. This specimen stage can move up and down between these two electrodes, and the clearance between specimen and target can be set adjustably.

Product specifications

1. Specifications Upper electrode (target): 45 mm to 70mm in diameter (Doughnut shape)
2. Lower electrode: 50mm to 70mm in diameter (Doughnut shape)
3. Cooling of specimen stage: Water cooling
4. Clearance between target and specimen stage 20mm, 35mm, 40mm, and 55mm 4 steps
5. Ionization voltage 0 to 3000V/DC
6. Ionization current: 10mA (max) with ammeter
7. Electrode for coating (optional): Au / Pt-Pd/ Pt
8. Vacuum pump RP50L/min (built-in)