Product information

Electron Microscopy   ID-3


The model ID-3 is the devices, which are using T-Butyl alcohol, can to make freeze-dry biological specimen. In comparison to critical point drying method and other freeze-dry methods, the shrinkage of specimen is minimized and fine structure of specimen are well preserved.

Heating and cooling are performed by using the Peltier element. This device can process freezing, sublimation, and drying by itself

Product specifications

1. Ultimate vacuum pressure 5 x 10-2Torr
2. Stage temperature -10ºC to +30ºC
3. Controllable stage temperature range -5ºC to +20ºC
4. Heating and cooling method Peltier element
5. Stage size 66mm
6. Vacuum pump RP20L/min (fomblin oil used)