Product information

CNT   ECN-500


In order to perform continuous process under the vacuum environment from deposition of catalyst metal synthesis of carbon nanotube, a multi sputter system and a plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition system (PECVD) are integrated. Furthermore, the system is able to synthesize carbon nanotube on a large variety of substrates such as Silicon substrate at less than 600ºC. 

Product specifications

1. Ultimate temperature 1.5 x 10-5Pa
2. Substrate size 2″ in diameter
3. Substrate heating temp 600ºC
4. Heater type Lamp heater
5. Rotation 3-step switching (5,10, and 15 RPM)
6. Pumps TMP210L/sec R.P162L/min
7. Number of targets 5pieces (1 out of 5 is for CVD)
8. Target size 3″ in diameter
9. Gas introduction 3 sets of mass flow controller
Load lock chamber
10. Load lock chamber, Shadow mask exchanging function, evaluating function for emitter, Radical beam source, and Thickness monitor