Product information

PLD   EA-100


This is the thin film process system, which uses UV laser beam. The system allows you to deposit and perform thin films on a substrate under high pressure of specific gasses.

All kinds of materials, which can absorb laser beam, can be used as main material to evaporate, regardless refractory materials. Unlike K cell of MBE, there is no restriction on selecting materials.

Product specifications

1. Ultimate pressure 5 x 10-6Pa
2. Chamber size 406mm (diameter) x 600mm (height)
3. Substrate size 2 inch
4. Substrate heating temp. 800ºC maximum by lamp heater
5. Target holder Target: 20mm in diameter, 4 pieces stored
6. Vacuum pumps TMP 500L/sec and RP250L/min Load lock chamber
7. Ultimate pressure 10-4Pa
8. Vacuum pumps TMP 210L/sec and RP 162L/min