Product information

In-line system   EIL-300


1. This system is equipped with 2 evaporating sections in order to realize high-quality performance in evaporation and achieve high conversion efficiency of continuous production for photovoltaic cell.

2. By adjusting K-cell temperature, amount of molecular beam can be precisely controlled.

3. Without breaking vacuum 300mm square sample can be continuously processed by following loading, deposition, and unloading.

Product specifications

1. Ultimate pressure 10⁻⁵Pa range
2. Chamber size 2160 (W) ×800 (D) ×1000 (H) mm
3. Substrate size 1 piece of 300mm squareor 9 pieces of 100mm square (stored in the tray)
4. Substrate heating temperature  800℃ max. by lamp heater
5. Line cell Maximum heating temperature: 1300℃
6. Capacity of crucible 300cc or 600cc