Product information

ALD System (Atomic Layer Deposition System)   EALD-4


By adopting the atomic layer deposition method, the EALD-4 regulates the film thickness at one atomic layer level, and forms a thin film with high uniformity and high step coverage.

1. The use of flow-from-the top method enables more uniform film formation.

2. By connecting independent piping and MFC to the chamber, contamination of the material line can be prevented.

3. To make the chamber a double structure improves the temperature distribution and the uniformity of the film thickness.

4. The EALD-4 can be extended to support for various research purposes.


Load lock chamber, glove box, TMP exhaust ozone generator etc. can be connected as options.

Product specifications

  1. Ultimate vacuum pressure: 1 Pa (by dry pump)
  2. Substrate size: 100 mm diameter (4-inch diameter)
  3. Film thickness distribution: ±2% (Within the area of 100 mm diameter)
  4. Heating temperature: 400oC (by Nichrome wire heater)
  5. Precursor: Standard 4 systems (Heated to 200oC)