Product information

ALD System (Atomic Layer Deposition System)   EALD-P-4


The EALD-P-4 system is an ALD equipment that has two functions, plasma ALD and thermal ALD.

By using TMP (turbo molecular pump) and dry pump as exhausting system, high quality atomic layer deposition with high step coverage is performed. ALD film thickness sensor can be installed as an option. In addition, the whole system is housed in a glove box, enabling experiments in a clean environment.

Product specifications

  1. Ultimate vacuum pressure: 1.5 x 10-6 Pa (After bake-out)
  2. Standard equipment: 4 lines (Capacity 50cc), 2 lines can be extended.
  3. Substrate size: 4-inch dia. max. (Up to 8-inch diameter as custom-made)
  4. ALD film deposition software: Opening/closing valves, cycle number setting etc.
  5. Pumping system: TMP (Turbo molecular pump), dry pump (1000 l/min)
  6. Detoxifying equipment: Removal of reaction products during gas exhaust.
  7. Plasma electrode: Induction type
  8. Guaranteed range of thin film distribution: Within ±2% (When the formation of 300 nm film)

Supplying gases: O2 and N2 (H2 is optional)