Product information

CVD   EPD-640R


The EPD-460R system is a plasma CVD system that is capable of treating substrates up to 156mm square. Fully automatic control is realized by combining an automatic substrate transfer using an arm type robot and automatic film formation software.

Furthermore, an ALD system and Sputtering System can be expanded to the EPD-460R system, and with this performance, various kinds of experiments are able to perform.

Product specifications

1 Ultimate vacuum pressure: 7 x 10-5Pa (for Plasma CVD growth chamber, Transfer chamber, and Load lock chamber)
2. Substrate transfer: Automatic transfer using arm type robot
3. Substrate size: 50 mm square up to 156 mm square
4. Substrate heating: 400oC max. (for Plasma CVD chamber)
5. Plasma electrode: Compatible with both RF and VHF
6. Operation of film formation software: Gas flow control, Pressure control, Substrate temperature control, Plasma power control, and Substrate transfer
7. Expansion: Sputter system and ALD system expansion to the EPD-460R system