Product information

Sputtering systems   ES-250B


This sputtering system has a wide variety of functions and is designed to be easy to use and has been devised throughout the structural design.

The ES-250B can be used for thin film formation of electronic devices, research of TMR, GMR, etc., or technology for creation of new materials such as high temperature superconductors.

The development of the target positioning rotation mechanism enables both DC and RF magnetron sputtering of five targets using one electrode.

The substrate holder rotates and the rotation speed can be selected.

Product specifications

■ Growth chamber
1.Ultimate vacuum pressure: 1.5×10-5Pa
2.Substrate size: 100 × 100 mm (Max.)
3.Heating temperature of substrate: 800℃
4.Heater: Lamp heater
5.Target size: 2-inch x 5 pieces (Standard equipment)
6.Pumping: 345 L/sec turbo molecular pump and 162 L/min rotary pump

■ Options
1.Loadlock chamber, Substrate holder with cooling mechanism, Substrate holder with heating/cooling mechanism, UHV compatible type, Radical source